About this blog

Since the morning stars sang their sweeping harmony to God’s creation song, all of nature has been caught up in one holy purpose – to bring glory its Maker. The trees raise their hands, the rivers rejoice, the seas groan in longing, the very stones cry out in praise of the Father of Lights. And we can hear it. The psalmody of nature echoes in our hearts and minds – now and in all generations before and after. But why the resonance? How is it that nature exists in a constant state of  worship when mankind – we who breathe with the breath of God Himself – find it so difficult?

As entities lacking souls, the trees, rocks, clouds, foxes and thrushes exist as they are. They are what they were created to be – nothing more and nothing less. Perhaps this is what it means to truly bring glory to God – to be as you were meant to be. For me, this means creating. I know that God has designed me in such a way that when I paint, write, sing – even just daydream – I am bringing Him glory. The purpose of this blog is to share my acts of creative worship. To join the Verdant Hymn in bringing ceaseless praise to the Living Light of Heaven.

Tim Joyner lives in Franklin, TN with his wife Kirsten and son Rowan. If you are interested in purchasing or commissioning a work of art please contact him at verdant.hymn@gmail.com.